Glowforge Pro with Air Filter $5000 in western South Dakota

We purchased a Glowforge Pro with Air Filter right before pandemic. We ony have a few hours of use on it, we took our business in a more digital route and don’t have the room for it. It no longer is under a warranty. I would love to sell it for $5000. I originally paid around $7000 for it. Pick up location will be in Rapid City, SD.


As far as the filter goes, number of hours used isn’t that helpful for a “condition”. If you only cut clear acrylic, that might be in great shape still. If you only cut MDF, then odds are, the filter is super full. I have a filter that I only used the first 2 days I had the GF, before I decided to window vent it. I cut a lot of MDF those first days, and now I just use the filter as an end table.


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