Glowforge problem focusing

glowforge just stopped during a print job. I turned it off and back on and it is stays on focusing (spinning). Any suggestions

Are you getting an offline message? Turn the machine off, remove everything from the honeycomb tray, wipe off the top of the printhead, wipe off the lid camera, position the printhead directly under the lid camera turn the machine back on. What happens?


If the UI is stuck on “focusing”, the machine is online (connected to the cloud) but it’s unable to locate the head, which depends on communication with the lid camera. Is it clean? Just a light wipe with an alcohol swab is sufficient - I do that last after cleaning the rest of the optics with a fresh one.


Ok I will try that thanks — I was also looking up something and all I see is air assist fan needs to be cleaned — not sure

I will try that thank you

Again, the logs would pretty much tell you.

If you want to dig up the instructions support posted here a while back and upload them, myself or many others would be glad to take a look. They are not hard to read.

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