Glowforge Quickie | Leatherette Patch | Glowforge Project | Laser

I played with some leatherette patches this afternoon and make a quick video to show the process.

Please make sure you are using Laser Safe Leatherette patches, as not all leatherette is laserable.

Might tweak the settings a bit more, but as you can see the right settings make a big difference.


Can’t help but ask…is that ‘leatherette’ laser safe? Sometimes that kind of material has PVC in it.


I know these are safe as they were bought from Inkwell specifically for laser.

I’m looking at how to put a warning on the video now to make sure you’ve bought laser safe leatherette patches.

Thanks for the heads up!


…by any chance do you know settings for the blue to silver? Or general setting tips for lighter or darker laserable leatherette? I have leatherette sheet from jds. Your patch looks great!

I’m not sure you can adjust to go lighter or darker as you are basically lasering off the top layer and showing the middle layer.

I did find, as shown in the video, that using too high of an LPI meant that I took too much off and went through the silver layer so it didn’t look good at all.

Try 500 Speed and 7 power with 225 LPI on that Blue to Silver and see how that works.

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Ok, thank you very much.