Glowforge referral code

Hello! I’ve had many use my code and the email always comes through immediately. This time someone went through customer service to order, she still used my code, and even screen shot that GF confirmed they used it. She got her money off and I still have no email about it. Has this happened to anyone else? (I emailed GF and apparently the charge didn’t show up on her card for days so they had no record of her at the time, once she got shipping notification, I emailed again and they said they can’t discuss someone else’s purchase with me)

IIRC you don’t get the credit until they’ve had their machine for a couple of weeks, to make sure they don’t change their mind about purchasing. I’m not GF staff, though, so take this with a grain of salt.

You’ve opened (another) support ticket by posting in this section, so they’ll be along soon.

Right. But the email saying “so-and-so is pretty cool. They purchased a glowforge just like you” is instant when they order directly online. Because she went through customer service to order, I haven’t seen an email and that’s what I was asking about.

Yeah, that happened to me. Like I said, it showed up after a few weeks. You just have to wait for the process to happen.

Ok ok. Good to know. Thank you!

Since this is about account information, I’ve replied to your email and am closing this thread.