Glowforge saves the day again!

My neighbor sells components for high-end car/truck sound systems. He has the cabinets made to order and buys the electronics wholesale. Today he had a customer coming by to pick up their goods and discovered the cabinets were too small. He gave the cabinet maker the inside dimensions based on how much clearance the speakers needed but the cabinet maker used that as the outside dimensions and the speaker flanges stood about 3/4 inch proud. He texted to ask if I could I help.

Fortunately he had a gasket which made measuring and sizing and easy. I whipped up a design in Inkscape, and cut a sample out of draftboard. After one iteration to adjust internal clearance, I cut a total of 14 rings out of medium draftboard. (None of the thicker stuff on hand.)

When I walked over with the rings he had just explained to the customer that I was busy custom-making some shims, and the customer was objecting about having to wait. Except he didn’t have to wait because, ya know, we cut stuff using coherent light beams and it’s fast. The customer was expecting something made quick and dirty by hand so he was blown away by the precision and fit, as well as the speed of delivery.

It’s kinda cool that word of the Glowforge is seeping out into the neighborhood, but I asked him for more notice next time. If I were to do it again - and had time to design it better - I’d stagger the outer diameter of successive rings a bit to minimize vibration. And it would looke a bit like a squat volcano which can’t be bad. :wink:


Great save! I bet you get invited to the neighborhood cook outs.


I am hoping that I can get my work to add ventilation for a laser cutter in our new building. While I don’t use it a huge amount, I have definitely taken a few projects home to run on the GF. I don’t think we will be able to use a GF because of the corporate network though, so I might have to look into one of the other brands.


I do IT Security consulting and before the pandemic I was traveling up to 40 weeks a year and didn’t know my neighbors. Who knows, maybe cook outs will be an option now that I’m meeting more of them. If it turns out that someone I meet due to the Glowforge invites us to a BBQ, I’ll post photos of the food with a subject “Glowforge did this!” and let readers figure it out. :wink:

I understand their network concerns but I hope they work it out. It would be awesome to have a laser in the office. The company I am working for recently has all sorts of non-work distractions such as ping-pong tables, foosball, nap areas and such. I could easily imagine talking them into putting in a laser cutter and they are a bank where it would not be job related. Hopefully, depending on how work-related a laser would be in your office, the idea is sellable in your office. Good luck!


Got any pics?


Naw. Didn’t seem worth it and the customer was waiting. They were just plain draftboard rings about 8 inches wide.


GF to the rescue! (cue dramatic music)


Love the story and THIS is what I typically use my GF for - all manner of stuff in the workshop. I recently received a water stone sharpener as a gift. It’s AWESOME but makes a horrible mess. Well I KNEW I could make something on the GF to either divert water or at least make cleanup better.

10 prototypes later (I swear I was measuring the holes correctly each time!) I have a cover with successive rings glued in place that’s easy to remove and keeps 95% of the water draining back into the water bath. Why the manufacturer didn’t spend a few hours creating this is beyond me, but it works so well.

I do that stuff all the time and LOVE hearing how you’re using it like that in the neighborhood!


That’s what my GF is, a tool for making useful stuff. I’ve probably made less than a dozen “pretty things” with it in 5 years, three of which I’ve given to my daughter.


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