Glowforge saves the day!

Saves the day might be a little dramatic but long story short, I thought my sister in law’s baby shower was next week…turns out it’s today. So I’ve been rushing around to pull together the pieces I’m responsible for, one of which is the mimosa bar (my happy place). I decided I wanted to make this onesie for the bar and I finished it this morning (super cute, right!?!) but realized I had no way to display it! I thought about just laying it out on the table but, ugh, boring. I am a Glowforge owner, and Glowforge owners do not just lay things out on a table.
So 20 minutes later…ta da! I thought I could knock this out quickly but never dreamed it would take as little as 20 minutes!!! I don’t think I would have attempted it if I hadn’t read other posts by you lovely people where you quickly turned out last minute ‘save the day’ projects, so thank you!!

It’s not a perfect design (about an inch too short) but it works so I’ll attach the file too. Designed for medium draft board.



Looks like it saved the day to me! Have a fun shower! :smile:

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Nicely done! Baby clothes are the best.


And that would make a good t-shirt slogan too!

Excellent project for the win.


Such a cute idea!


Love it! And, thanks for the file share! :grinning:

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And GF for the WIN!


Extremely cute! I’m sure it was a hit at the shower!

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