Glowforge Server Timeouts

So far today I have been unable to upload new designs for most of three hours.
10am to 1pm 5/16/2018.

Logins have also taken an inordinately long time.
Is there a status page that tells us how busy your servers are? I do not want to have to work second shift just to use the glowforge!

Also is there a timetable for the Make a copy function to work? Since we can not export our own layouts back to our PCs the Make a copy function is very important.

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The Glowforge status page is located here:

But I believe slow responses are generally Wifi related. Nothing Glowforge can do about that. If you want to improve it, you might consider a Wifi signal booster.

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Unexpected error like that is typically a file-issue and not a server timeout.

If you want some help in why a file won’t load, you can post it here and probably get some help.

As far as uploading etc today, as a data point, everything has worked great from this morning to the job I just uploaded a few mins ago.

As for this, do you mean downloading a local copy of a design that’s been uploaded? There is already a Make a Copy that makes a copy of a design on the dashboard but you can’t download it locally. It may be on the hopper, but I don’t remember a particular promise to allow for downloads of the designs.

OK to answer the above. The WIFI is fine it is a server side issue. The file is fine it renders fine in chrome, inkscape and most of the time on glowforge.

The Make a copy drop down… Doesn’t work,… it always gives the “were sorry” error message.


Okay further testing of make a copy… Some of my files will copy. Most error… Even though they are loaded and run correctly.

It’s unlikely (but not impossible) to be backend server issues – No server outages have been recorded today and I’ve been able to load and make multiple copies of multiple files, so the functionality works.

By any chance, do you have multiple browser windows open on one or more devices? If you haven’t already done so, I’d log out of any/all instances of the app, then manually clear the cache(s) and exit all browsers. Power off the GF, wait a few seconds, turn it back on, and fire up a single browser window and try again.

If you still have some will/some won’t issues (and they are consistent) it’s most likely the file(s), but GF may ask for a copy to check on their systems.

For that matter, I’m happy to check a troublesome file for you – PM me if you’re interested.

Best of luck!


If you’d be willing to share a copy of the file you’re having trouble with, we’d be happy to take a look at it, and we might be able to provide more specific feedback. You can post it here, or email it in to

It this affecting all files, or just some?

I would suggest that if there are issues in a file which can cause the “unexpected error” message, and if Support knows how to identify those issues, you guys should teach the server to identify those issues too… and print a more descriptive error message.

At the very least, if we could get different error messages for problems with the file versus problems with the network, you’d probably get a lot fewer questions.

One thing I do know is that with the volume of machines now out there, any server-side issue quickly results in a flood of #problems-and-support threads. Perhaps only anecdotal evidence - but effective.

(And I do totally agree with better error reporting/display)

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