Glowforge shipment was delayed. :(


Took off work today so I could accept my :glowforge: with open arms, but last minute UPS updates the delivery status to tomorrow. :rage:

So I call them and they say its due to a train delay, and because its still on the container at my local distribution center I cant go and pick it up. :weary:

It is sooooo close, frustratingly close.



Be strong. :expressionless:


Oh wow, that sucks.

I once had a FedEx delivery delayed because the pilot of the aircraft had a medical problem and the flight from Hong Kong to Alaska had to turn around and go back to China. Sure, it sucked for me, but I’m sure it was a lot worse for the pilot. :cry:


I fully realize I’m experiencing first world problems. :slight_smile:

I truly hope there was not a delay because of an injury or god forbid someones life, that would be devastating.

Ill just remain here in my cushy little frustrated lurch. :persevere:


Completely with you. Mine was to be delivered on a Saturday, they didn’t tell me it was going to be delayed, and didn’t show up until mid-afternoon on Monday. You’ll appreciate it once it does arrive!


Super bummer. :confounded:


UPS has a guaranteed delivery transit time for UPS Ground, aside from holiday or weather delays. Neither of these would apply for your shipment. That means that the shipper can probably file a claim and get reimbursed from UPS for the cost of the freight…and perhaps, you can have GF refund the shipping cost to you. @dan?


Unfortunately I don’t know of any such option.


i’m not sure these tend to apply for mass shipments do they? also there’s probably some bs in there about delays not directly on them voiding the guarantee.


The only exclusion activities from the UPS delivery guarantee of which I am aware are severe weather and holidays. It does not matter if you are shipping out individual packages or lots of packages. If you are shipping through your UPS account, the shipper simply needs to call UPS after the package has been delivered and claim a refund for the delay. With the high cost of shipping these units, it is worth someone’s time to do this. FYI, UPS has always refunded us on delayed shipments except for one case where there was a tornado in the midwest of which we were unaware…


Yeah I am not really looking for a refund or reimbursement of any kind, just venting. :slight_smile:

@dan and team have enough on their plate to worry about.


One of the first jobs I had was a place that sent a ton of stuff out mail order. I got the bright idea one day to track the packages that had been shipped. A surprising amount was delivered beyond the shipment guarantee date (including ground packages). And yes, the shipper can get reimbursed for the shipping costs fairly easily. We saved quite a bit of money doing that.


UPS probably needs an extra day to kick the crap out of the boxes.


Those boxes don’t just kick themselves, you know.


At least you know that your box is on its way. Those of us,who are situated out of US, can just envy you )


It’s cold comfort, but most of us in the US can be envious, too :blush:

I mean, I’m not really envious of someone who is so close but still just as far, but you get what I mean. Poor, @JonS, it’s so close he can taste it!*

  • probably don’t taste lasers. But I’m not a doctor.


Yeah, I know. At the end of the day all of us are in the same boat.


Oh man, the dangling carrot is finally within reach and is then snatched away. :confounded: