Glowforge shipping damage, oh joy

Greetings GF forum,

I got mine today and I told UPS via their website to hold the GF at the service center and I’d pick it up. I got there and I’ll skip some details but I watched the service lady go into the warehouse behind the pickup desk, drop my GF box off a table onto it’s side, then drag it to the pickup desk on it’s side using a handle. I cautioned her that this was a fragile device and her response in a rude manner was “we’re not a fragile facility”.

Here’s some pics of the GF as it arrived. I’ve seen worse damaged boxes but when the fragile sticker on one corner is almost destroyed on a package containing delicate optics I was a bit worried.

So I got it home, rolled it in and unpacked it and there were three dents in the metal rim on one side. Other than that it seemed in perfect shape so I thought I’d try to see if it worked. Ran thru the setup, everything went flawlessly with the minor exception that the laser is dead.

I’m sure that all will be made right but I thought I’d post these here for the support team to assess.

Even with this setback I’m very impressed with the device. UPS is on my naughty list though.



No truer words.


Sucks to hear it’s not firing. I’m sure they’ll get ya squared away.


Less and less impressed with UPS.


I have yet to sink to the depths of despair as I’m sure they will do me right. :slight_smile: Fortunately I have a PhD in Electro-optics, I hope they let me crack the case and check for loose connectors/internal damage. I’d love to avoid shipping it back.

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Interesting comment. Do UPS officially not handle fragile packages? If so they should not accept the contract with GF.

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I grew up in Memphis and had friends that worked as handlers at the UPS hub. Apparently a fragile label is a challenge. I heard horror stories but that was a long time ago.

I hope you got her name

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Oh NO! I hope that you got her name. We need to make it clear that this behavior is not OK.

While it’s not generally in my nature, I would like to think that I would have stopped right after she said that and asked for the supervisor.


My rural team has always been good, but the depot…all bets are off.

Unbelievable! I feel so sorry for you.

Mine are excellent. And very fleet of foot. :wink:

I can’t believe this many people across the country are having this much trouble… they would be fired for a response like that here, and a dozen people ready to step into the position who would do it right.

And maybe that’s why they do it right. Sigh.


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Yeah, ithink UPS shouldn’t accept that attitude from an employee.

Yes @sailbyc and upon registering my complaint with the super, I would have thanked him and politely asked the name of his supervisor and informed him of my intent to reiterate the complaint to that individual.


As far as I’ve been able to tell, you’d have to purchase special handling “white glove” delivery, and that’s not the service in question here.

At the same time, being disrespectful to customers and their property is probably some kind of generally unacceptable behavior. Especially when they can see you do it.


In her defense, it says “do not stack.” There’s no “do not knock off a table and drag” sticker. I would’ve opened the box in front of her and her supervisor, pointed out the damage, not so politely suggested that she caused said damage, and refused to accept the package. Maybe they’d gain a better understanding of the term “fragile” then.


I’m so sorry to hear about that poor experience with UPS.

We want you to be up and printing as soon as possible! You should have received an e-mail from support with detailed next steps. Please let us know there if you need as we replace this Glowforge.