Glowforge shipping damage

Just received my Glowforge Pro and the glass was damaged on the front edge. No impact marks on the top of the glass or the edge and the shipping box was in great shape. There is a small sliver in the black film under the glass. Anyone ever experience this?

Just curious as I await customer service response. Thank you for your help:)

UPS are monsters when it comes to shipping, I am truly amazed there isn’t many more issues!
and Glowforge makes a great box to deal with the brutality!

congrats on your new Glowforge, your wait will be a little longer till you can play!



Thank you Jonathan for your response.

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You need to email support, they no longer monitor the forum. The pictures will tell them all they need to know.


Oooo that sucks. Have you fired it up? Is it functional otherwise?

Yes I did that right away.

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I haven’t. I was going to wait to talk to support before I proceeded to setup. It just appears to be cosmetic and doesn’t appear like it will effect performance.

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That machine needs to be replaced.

So sorry this has happened to you. looks like cosmetic damage but probably not save to use as the glass acts like a barrier to keep all fumes from escaping wait for glowforge to reply before you use this unit.

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