Glowforge Shipping Holiday


I might have a case of the forge-flu on shipping day.

Not sure if the shipping carriers will be stealthy enough…


Okay - the one where they put it on top of the light fixture…AWESOME! :laughing:


I kept looking for packages, but all I saw were welcome mats. Were there packages in those photos?


Safe from drones… (the one leaked on by cow feces was the funniest…)


Hahahaha lololilololol


:fearful: On the day of delivery, I may just have to call in sick to work.


Odds are I’ll be sick the whole week after the day of delivery :wink:


Last row, second from the left… Cow feces Ewww.


I used to deliver for one of those companies. I know none of them are my pictures. Especially the brick house one. OW