Glowforge Shop

Three requests for the shop…

  1. Instead of “Medium” or “Thick” or any other arbitrary terms, please consider listing things as “Black Acrylic - 1/4” (6.35 mm)" rather than making people click the item to know the actual thickness.

  2. I’ll probably remember from now on that it’s “shop.” but it drove me crazy for a minute when I couldn’t remember that. Might want to add DNS records for “store.” and “market.” and anything else you can think of. The easier to purchase, the better for all. :slight_smile:

  3. In my e-mail it stated that I have a credit in the shop, but I don’t see a way to see that. Where’s it at?

That’s it for now!



Add your items to the cart and the credit will show up at the checkout.


Ah. Thanks!


i think you shouldn’t as then some people will never realize they’re typing the wrong thing, and if you disconnect the redirs down the road (like accidentally when moving things around on the backend) it’ll stop working and people will be confused.

you’ll remember the proper name eventually.

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I’m not talking about redirecting. I’m talking additional DNS records. The only reason they’d change is if they move servers in which case they’d need to change them. No reason not to add them. 0 cost and near-0 effort.

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that’s my point. these things get turned off in a year or two when people think they’re not needed anymore. i’ve seen it happen before; regardless i think it’s an unnecessarily complex way to get around telling people to remember the word “shop.” if glowforge decided to call it “,” i’d agree with you.

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Ha, I had trouble with “shop”, too…had to look at my old order or the e-mail from Rita :slight_smile:


In this case, they’re needed forever. But no company worth anything would simply remove a public-facing DNS entry without some specific cause and thorough investigation into which of their customers, if any, are using it. More often the case is legacy entries remain rather than being removed because nobody bothers to review them because… there’s no real reason to do that.

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never mind.

Congrats on getting your email Tom!!


Thanks! Can… not… WAIT!


For the first couple times I typed store or something else and couldn’t remember shop. Now I remember a slight mnemonic that “app” for the GFUI and “shop” for the store go together.


Excellent suggestion!


changes to the backend shouldn’t matter so long as the DNS and Web server both recognize “Store” and “market”.

i’ve said my piece on the matter.

Not sure why people would “turn off” a DNS alias (nobody should be removing DNS entries pointing to production systems without a signify from multiple people as you point out it breaks stuff). Apple always have multiple aliases to the store. No reason I can think of not to have easy ways to get there. That being said I assume eventually they will be links/tabs on the home page.


Will pass that along.

Great suggestion!

I’ll let @rita take that one.


Any update on #3? When I’m in the store I can’t see how much credit I have. If I add items, I can see in the cart that they’re covered, but that doesn’t tell me how much credit I have left after that. It would be very helpful to know how much credit I have, at least while I still have it :wink:

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If you login to then click on your name/email address in the top right corner of the window, it will take you to your account. There are four links there: General, Shipping, Payment, and Purchase History. If you click on Payment, you should see the store credit at the bottom under your credit card info.

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@cynd11 Following your instructions, I don’t have a “Payment” section. I only have General, Shipping, and Purchase History.

It was suggested somewhere that Payment only shows up when you purchase something from the store, which most don’t have access to yet.