Glowforge Standard for sale

Hey guys. Just wondering if it’s possible to list a glowforge on here for sale.

Brand new machine will be delivered directly to your address from Glowforge.

Purchase in crowdfunding stage in 2015. Delivery to Australia is still impossible so i’m selling this here instead of getting a refund due to the amount of extras i have accumulated over this waiting time. Might help me break even on my 4 year investment :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy with $2495.

$50 Inventables gift certificates

$150 of Proofgrade materials

10% discounts on materials and designs

$480 gift voucher to send on the Glowforge store to buy materials etc.

Not sure if all of the incentives will transfer. If I remember correctly some do not. For example the $480 gift voucher. If someone from the EU were to buy the machine they could have had delivery far earlier than you and would not have been eligible for that amount. But maybe just guessing here.

The only reason I mention it is so that a potential buyer does not become irate should it become a problem.


You are right. Any founders benefits (extended warranty and shop discounts), and accrued incentives do not transfer.


Ok, so seems like the discounts are not transferable. The $480 gift voucher would have to be spent via me. I can order any of the materials needed. The rest of benefits still apply.
So basically it’s an extra $680 worth of value.

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