Glowforge stuck in customs

After send several emails to Glowforge during a week and without receive any reply from them regarding my issue with customs, I want to ask if someone had some similar problem.

Glowforge sent my machine but it has been stopped by customs because apparently they declare the commodities as documentation, and of course these are not documents, it is a printer! so obviously they stopped it.

Now, I am trying to get some information from support team that Fedex needs to send my machine, without this information they will send it back to them and the process will start again.

Has anyone had a similar problem with Glowforge?

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t think Support is going to tell you if other customers had similar issues. So opening this case with them seems a bit out-of-scope. You may want to ask other forum members in the Everything Else category or something.


Wow. Sorry about this. Any update? Kind of weird that no one has replied to you with a similar issue.

I’m not quite sure why the holdup in customs. I’m not understanding this phrase:

Are you saying that customs is not treating this as a laser machine but as a bunch of documents? Or that the documentation as to what the object is causes problems?

Then there is the issue of the two packages of laser and crumb tray.

Do all internationals get a Proofgrade shipment too?

Hope you have this worked out. Maybe support responded to your other emails.

I see that we’ve followed up to your email with us and provided additional information there so I’m going to close this thread. If you continue to have troubles with your shipment, feel free to email or start a new topic.