Glowforge stuck on cancelation

we have restarted the wifi several times. tried going through start up. the light will come on green but nothing else. it hums but doesnt move. i have repositioned it back to the starting position and tried turning everything off again and restarting the startup again. still it remains stuck. we have restarted the computer several times. we have had a stable wifi with the glowforge so im confused as to what happened here. we have messaged support no answer yet on their end. I have opened other windows and it remains stuck on cancellation. what am i missing here?

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If the light is still green/teal that usually means the GF needs to go through WiFi setup.

how do we do that again?

so i ran the set up, i got the Gf to connect to the computer. however when i when to connect the computer to the home wifi , it didn’t show up. when i joined the network it showed no internet. what am i missing here?

When you’re connected to the GF WiFi “no internet” is normal, it just needs your computer to be an interface to get connected to your WiFi. If you successfully setup that up you should get a congratulations screen with confetti and then connect your computer back to your home WiFi network.
When GF is properly connected to WiFi you can run it from any internet computer/tablet/phone (from anywhere, not just in your own WiFi) by logging in at

Hello @info.panachestudio - I’m going to go ahead and close this topic as we’ve already connected via email on this issue. Please let us know via that email thread if you’re still having any issues!