Glowforge Stuck on Centering Mode

I just received my Glowforge a couple of days ago and cut some samples out of the proofgrade material with success. I started putting aluminum license plates blanks in the system (why I bought it) and it gets stuck on HOMING in the system and won’t go forward. It’s currently dead and just won’t do anything.

Can someone please help?

I also confirm that mine is stuck on Centering…which means it’s on their end. Likely a server updates or interruption. First thing I check when something gets held up is here.

Was seeing the same, seems cleared up now.

Mine is still stuck…tho it’s on Scanning now and nothing.

Me too. Stuck on centering and also scanning.

I also. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me. I’ve spent the last hour of my day trying to get my machine working.

You can also check here…

It does currently show an outage. If you subscribe for updates you’ll get an email when there is an outage. I received one an hour or so ago.

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Mine is stuck too. I’m in California and my dad who’s in New York is saying his is stuck as well

I’ve also been having all sorts of intermittent scanning and centering issues today. I’ve never had issues before.

whaaaa! I didn’t know about this page. bookmarking now…

It’s back, pressing cut in…3…2…1…CUT!

Mine too !It was stuck on homing and now scanning :frowning:

Didn’t know this page existed either. Thanks! Mines still doing its homing thing. apparently it is very very lost.

Just adding my voice. Worked perfectly yesterday. This morning, stuck on “Centering”.

Interesting that Amazon, itself, isn’t showing problems (at the moment).

Google cloud does :wink:

Why would that matter? Glowforge is not part of Amazon. Unless I missed something.

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Oh, my bad - I was thinking they were using S3 for storage.

I’m very sorry for the frustration. We’re currently experiencing degraded service due to issues with Google Cloud Services. The team is working to resolve the issue and get you back to printing as quickly as possible. You can keep an eye on for the latest updates.