Glowforge Stuck on "Centering"/"Scanning"

Alright Glowforge family. I am running into the first issue with my GF.

First, I was having the issue that many seem to have with the fan making a very loud buzzing noise when the 'forge is running. I went through troubleshooting it as was outlined in previous threads. I took off the vent hose, checked the fan, made sure nothing was lodged. I made sure all the screws were good and everything, physically, looked fine. Just a little dirty but I cleaned the fan with some compressed air spurts while the GF was off.

Fast forward to a squeaky clean Glowforge and now it is stuck on centering and scanning. I did all the same troubleshooting I saw in the other threads. I checked the connectors, made sure nothing came loose and inspected it for all that I could see. At this point, I feel like it is something that I can’t fix. Anyone else have/had this problem?

Have you been through this list of things to try?

Hey there! I did. I even took a flashlight and made sure all the wires were connected inside on the left. It’s making all the right noises, but it won’t move the head. So I ran through all those tests. I did also go ahead and send an email to support. Just wanted to see if anyone had gotten a resolution. I’m going to go crazy during this quarantine if my GF needs to be sent off for repair or replacement!

Just to be absolutely sure, you’ve checked that the white cable’s connection to the head is solid? Otherwise, I’m all out of ideas, sorry!

This is my third time using my glowforge pro. I seem to be having the same problem. Mine is buffering centering.

Does anyone think its a dashboard glitch?

I wish I could say I hadn’t just so that you’d have the answer haha. I can’t find any reason why it’s not working. So frustrating. I’ll definitely update once I get in touch with customer service though!

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You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here in P&S, so hang tight, they’ll be along. :slight_smile:

Nope. Most often it’s a wifi issue, sometimes it’s a cable. Try the troubleshooting list I posted above, and if none of that fixes your problem, start your own post here in Problems & Support, since there can’t be two customers on one support ticket. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble.

I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge, and compared it with all of the information you provided. Since you have reached out to us directly via email, I’ve sent over the next best steps to help narrow down the snag. We’ll continue following up directly via email, and close this thread.

Thank you!