Glowforge stuck on cool down

I’ve run into this problem before with my glowforge but after two years and nearly a month with this problem, I believe my machine is messed up.

I have tried nearly everything to get my machine out of “scanning” “too cold” “cooling down” and nothing has had a lasting change. I’m still waiting on support but I’m beginning to feel very frustrated and regretting my glowforge choice.

I also dont want to pay +$300 to ship my machine to get fixed and then another $500-$1000 to get it fixed. At that point I’m considering getting a new machine from a different company.

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get the glowforge out of “cool down” I’d appreciate it. I’ve cleaned everything that could possibly be cleaned, restarted my machine with the lid open, done a hard reset and restarted my router.

Thanks in advance!

This bundle of wires includes the one to the temperature sensor. If it’s been damaged or unplugged by the drag chain bumping into it, you can get stuck with a spurious temperature related error. So, check this area on the left side of your machine.

The fact that you included “scanning” as one of the places you sometimes get stuck points to a weak wifi signal as another possible issue. The easiest way to rule that out is to connect the Glowforge to a mobile hotspot via your phone, instead of to your home wifi. If it works then, you can work on improving your home wifi signal (removing interference sources, changing the channel the router broadcasts on, moving the router, replacing it with a mesh wifi system, etc).


This was my solution! These wires were being hit every time I went to print causing the cool down warning. I just needed to move them out of the way. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!


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