Glowforge stuck on scanning after yesterday's outage- HELP

I was in the middle of scanning an item yesterday when the online Glowforge app went down. I refreshed and saw the screen saying there were issues and I stepped away until the app was back online. It came back up but ever since then my Glowforge gets stuck on scannning unless I power it on and off. Now every time I cut I have to restart my machine in order for it to cycle through to the point were it will cut.

I have refreshed, logged out, turned it off, reset my wifi. This started after the outage and still hasn’t been resolved. I wrote into support but of course it will be weeks before I hear back and this is my busiest time of the year.

Any suggestions?

Clear your cache and restart your browser.

(You’ve opened a second support ticket by posting here. They usually respond in less than a day, nowhere near “weeks,” but they do end up having a lot of duplicate tickets to wade through, so maybe next time just open one and try to be patient! :slight_smile: )

It’s been a day now… maybe I’ll tell my customers to try to be patient as well. But also, I posted in the forum for other suggestions while I wait for support. Not sure why I shouldn’t have done that…

It just bothers me that everyone wants them to hurry up, but nobody thinks about the fact that wading through thousands of duplicate tickets daily has to severely impair their ability to respond in a timely manner. If you want forum input you can post anywhere else in the forum OTHER than Problems and Support, and we’ll jump in to help without you having opened yet another ticket that has to be resolved. :slight_smile:

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I run a software company… that is the nature of the business.

Just because it bothers you doesn’t change the fact that I need to figure out what is wrong with my machine. This area of the forum is called problems and support. Guess what I have… a pretty big problem :wink: and yes, I have had issues with my machine before (sent a refurb without a lid attached and it took almost a week for a response… and even longer for a replacement)… so speaking from experience.

Did you try clearing your cache and restarting?

If clearing your cache doesn’t do the trick, then you need to run through the steps here:

The “stuck scanning” issue is a local problem, and unlikely to be connected to the outage they experienced yesterday. It’s almost always a wifi issue, but can also be a cable problem or an issue with the lighting / material in the bed. Starting down the list of troubleshooting steps while you’re waiting for them to respond will save some time once they get here.

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Yes. Didn’t work.

So, that pretty much rules out the network outage as the issue, then.

It’s not a wifi issue. I have shut it down and reconnected. All of my other machines are fine. The only variable between being able to cut perfectly and not being able to cut was the outage. I stepped away and have not been able to cut since then. There was no other change.

I’ve gone through the other trouble shooting steps and i guess I will need to wait for their response.

You really can’t rule that out so easily. The GF is notoriously picky about its wifi connection – your other machines working fine is no indication that it’s fine for GF. Your neighbor might have bought a new appliance that’s interfering on your 2.4GHz channel; all sorts of things can happen that will affect the GF and nothing else.

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The machine I have now was sent to me broken and I kept it because it was the second machine I received that was broken. Imm hoping this doesn’t affect them fixing it again.

It is not a wifi issue. It was cutting (now its not) but I had to restart the machine each time. That seems to rule out a wifi issue if it started scanning when I restarted.

To me that seems to rule out most other issues except wifi…but it’s been a few years since I was a practicing engineer, so my logic may be outdated.

Ill buy you a new glowforge if its the wifi. I guess we will see. In the meantime I am off to buy another type of laser.

I’ll have to trust you on that, since they’ll close this duplicate ticket and go back to email once they get here. But I’ve been really wanting a pro!


I don’t go back on my word… hell, if its just wifi 'Ill ship you this brick (pro) so you can deal with it. The lid was sent to me half on but thats another issue… I need a faster machine to keep up with my business anyway.

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I will be happy to take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

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95% of all issues I have had have turned out to be wifi related. Something that has helped tremendously is to set up a dedicated 2.4GHz channel just for the GF. Working in the tech world you know how finicky the 2.4 part of the spectrum can be… anything and everything can affect it. It could be something as innocent as moving the location of another smart device.
Try the dedicated channel and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, no harm done.


I do have a dedicated channel. I am beginning to think it is the black cable issue.

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