Glowforge stuck uploading no machine movement

My glowforge has been stuck today uploading. the bed image has updated, but whenever i say start printing it says updating. the machine does not start to focus on the material and has no movement.
If i hide the “Preparing your print” tab the button updates to ready and no longer updating.

I’ve tried restarting the glowforge multiple times, and went back to a file i had used many times before and the same problem.

This problem sounds like it’s all on the software end, and your machine is not involved. Try a different browser or a different device (e.g. your phone or tablet) and see if you can start a print from there.


As suggested, try a different device/browser. Also, open one of the Glowforge files such as the Gift of Good Measure. What happens?


We’re all using the same software, and it’s working fine. As suggested, try a different browser or device. If that doesn’t resolve it, use contact support form and they can look at the logs associated to your print and provide guidance.

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