Glowforge SUCKS!

How do i reach these people?? Im beyond disgusted with this company. Its been OVER A YEAR and i sent my crap back because for the last year Glowforge has AVOIDED my calls texts and im looking for a attorney!! I paid OVER $5,000 For something that has NOT FREAKIN worked this whole damn time!!! I even went to Seattle to confront Glowforge and they dont even hv a corporate office. Or they are lyin to me!!! DO NOT BUY A GLOWFORGE!!!

I am sorry for your misery, but Glowforge does not monitor this forum so your rant is only reaching other users. My experience with Glowforge has been positive, but obviously yours has not.


Since you never (in the past year) posted your problems here for any help why are you now posting this? Even just reading through more than a couple of minutes worth of articles on this site may have helped you. Perhaps, when you first started having issues you should have mentioned it here and just maybe you would now be a satisfied user? Anyhow, I’m sorry you have had such a terrible experience. It is not the norm.


This story sounds super sus to me. Glowforge didn’t offer phone support a year ago, has never had a phone number to text, and it appears you didn’t have a Glowforge account until 4 months ago. Usually the account creation date coincides with when you purchased. Did you try contacting them through the actual support channels, which were email or opening a ticket via their help desk? Or did you just show up in person at their rented office space during a pandemic when everyone’s working from home to “confront” someone in person? That sounds like someone they need to take out a restraining order against before an employee gets hurt. We all paid thousands for our Glowforges… and I’ve gotten excellent support and warranty service from them over the years.


And then?? :expressionless:

OP has read 2 minutes. This is a troll.


I smell a troll.


Tbf, I have a date several weeks after my purchase date as you have to register separately to the forums.

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Maybe it was different in 2015? There’s no registration button on this forum now, only a login link that goes to Glowforge’s SSO page ( You log in with your existing Glowforge account.

I never registered for the forum, it uses the same account as for the machine purchase (so it would seem only owners can participate). My join date shows Jan '16 but I purchased during the initial campaign in Oct '15. I had no email from them b/w Dec '15 and Apr '16, so that would have just been the first time I logged in here.

I didn’t know the forum existed before Jan '16.


Hmmm…the whole post seems to be a troll…


I’ve always understood that non-owners could read in the forum, but do nothing else. I’m assuming that’s still the case…but then we all know what can happen when on assumes. :wink:


I remember joining the forum some time after I purchased mine…it was nothing automatically connected to my purchase.


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