Glowforge support issue

I am having such major issues with customer support. I have submitted my ticket, no response. My new machine has never worked. Does anyone have any other ways to contact support that can get the issue resolved?

Sorry, there’s no other way than to send an email to them. Did you receive an automated reply? If so, they will get back to you. They’re not known for their speed, but they’re darned good about helping you.


on the possibility it’s something we’ve seen around here before, what behavior does your machine exhibit?

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The printer will only print on the left side (only about 1/5 of the material) and it will not actually cut thru. I just got it a week ago and nothing will fully print

So the power seems to diminish as the head progresses to the right? If that’s the case, it suggests there is an alignment problem with the beam, as the head travels right the misalignment becomes more pronounced.
A replacement will be required in that case. Support is slow to respond, but they will get you taken care of. I know that’s a buzzkill, sorry for that, but I can only speak to my own experience with the machine and after 5 years I have no regrets about my purchase.

Support will probably ask you to print the gift of good measure and send them pictures of the front and back.


Ya that is what I’m hearing is the issue. I talked about buying this for 5 years and was so excited to get it last week😞. But I’ll just have to wait a bit longer lol.

Thanks for the advice I greatly appreciate it!

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All machines are tested and calibrated before shipping, so this was almost certainly caused due to rough handling en-route.

The only thing to check is to make certain the crumb tray is properly seated, and that the material lays flat against it.

Then send pics with that confirmation and time of print to support thru their contact-us form,


Customer support was emailing me Thursday and Friday and they decided to stop and not respond back to me anymore

They don’t work weekends.


I know the feeling. I bought in at the pre-sale in 2015 and was hit with cascading delays of 6 months each. Finally got it in 2017. If you had told me I would pay in full and wait 2 years - I would have argued with you. After those repeated crushed hopes, it amazed me how all of that angst vanished when I turned this thing on.
On another note, this forum is the best accessory for your new laser. The people here helped me when I had no idea what I was doing.
Here’s hoping you have a smoother experience with your next one!


They were emailing me Friday morning and then they stopped

Yes. It’s not uncommon to only hear every day or two (or longer, depending on the issue and who they need to get involved.) Always been that way.

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Just got mine on Friday and thats what mine is doing!!! I have emailed and called no response yet…

my new glowforge had this problem and it needed to be replaced.

i haven’t had issues until today, now just over a year later it looks like my machine may be broken. The printer is not making any marks.
I had a yellow light this morning when i tried my first print.
not sure what the problem is.

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