Glowforge Talk Show



Yesterdays Glowforge Forum Users Hangout Chat discussing the recent happenings on the glowforge front. I figured it deserved its own thread.




I had asked about the “basic service free for pre-orders” a long time ago, and @dan had said that there are absolutely no plans at this time to charge for services. I believe that was the thread where it was revealed that the cost to run the cloud was baked in to the purchase price already.


Thanks @karaelena doing the technical prep and leading the discussion.


Tonight’s Show.

Glowforge Talk Show - Delays, Proofgrade, & Betas

Note: I mentioned an API in the show. This was actually for the catalog, and not the device itself. Just found the thread that refers to it. Sorry for the confusion



Pinned! Should start a new thread for every one of these so they’re easier to spot.


I was just gonna suggest this. I’m always disappointed when I miss it. Haha


will do! Posted the new one in a new thread a few minutes ago