Glowforge Thursday for Non Twitter Users

In case you missed it… last night’s Glowforge Thursday results. Found on their twitter feed.


Thats really cool! Also, it looks photoshopped, haha.

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Ugh… this may finally be sufficient to make me do Twitter :frowning:

haha i had the same thought. Its almost enough

I’m glad I’m not the only non-tweeter. GF has got me to sign up on Pinterest. It’s a gateway drug.


The couple sitting next to us at the Adult Swim Drive In on halloween had these masks. Wish I had seen this post sooner, I would have asked if they purchased or fabricated. Certainly looked good in person.

Fingers crossed for some Glowforge Thursday pics… I’m definitely thirsty for any kind of update on the variable power supplies, BETA testing, etc. However some pictures of tonight’s projects and/or materials testing should quench it for a while…:slightly_smiling:

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