Glowforge UI dreams and allergies

That’s how badly I want them…
That’s all. Carry on with your day.


My dream is like yours; that the ui will have a simple text list of links for all my jobs ever on one searchable page.

Oh and also metadata/instructions for jobs would be nice.


I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Organization?! Like a a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it!

Or, since we’re dreaming, allow me to modify the attributes of my XML so that it will save the settings for specific shapes and the import to the UI will take those tags so I don’t have to input them anymore.


I dreamed that ALL free stuff showed up in one place…including past and present stuff. Also a bigger library…

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I obviously need to get some better dreams. I was lost in a desert, dying of thirst, and woke up with a really dry mouth from mouth-breathing all night. :smile:
(It’s spring…aka: allergy season. Happens every year around this time.)


:joy: I don’t miss waking up to a white truck turned yellow in the driveway.


That was last week. :roll_eyes:

Found out later this morning the eye irritation and nose clog might have been reaction to the Deer Park fire - the fallout finally shifted in our direction.

Been sniffin’ Benzene or some such lovely chemical. (Can’t recommend it.) :skull:


We’ve got probably about 2-4 weeks before all the pines here in nj do that.

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Not far from where I was working near the Cape was where the scallop boats would come in and the critters separated from the shells with huge piles of shells out behind (or so I was told, I never went there) . It was a very rare thing for the wind to come from that direction, but when it did you could not stand outside and also breathe.

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…and I find the yellow he’ll has begun lightly…

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