Glowforge unboxed. Button is amber. Web app says NEEDS CALIBRATION


I received my Glowforge today. Unboxed it and got everything assembled according to the manual. I turned it on and accessed it using Wi-Fi and got it online. The button turned amber. I went to the web app and see the Glowforge but it says NEEDS CALIBRATION. I turned it off and back on again, and the head moved to the middle of the bed but then the button turned amber and the web app repeated, NEEDS CALIBRATION.

I hear the water pump going constantly (not silent) and I see water swooshing in the laser tube.

Anyone seen this? Any guesses? The head is properly attached. The orange parts are removed.

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My advice, let it sit about an hour turned off. Let the cooling fluid settle.

EDIT: Also, contact Glowforge Support for any and all issues. We, the members of Ghetto Support, will only be able to tell you our own personal experiences and anecdotal info. Take what we say with a grain of salt!


Until the air is completely purged from the lines, the pump probably will go until all the air is purged.

The calibration issue might be related to the “hiccup” that happened a couple days ago affecting other owners.

PS: Make sure you email


Bummer. I heard you mention on the Tested podcast that it was coming. I suspect one of the current users has seen something like this and will try and help, however make sure you do email support as @PFI-Guy mentioned.


The ‘gurgling’ on the first startup is normal. Usually it passes after a couple minutes after startup. If you are still hearing a ‘gurgling’ sound after long period has passed- shut it down and contact support.

If the gurgling has stopped and you are still getting the calibration message from the UI. Shut the machine down. And move the head assembly carefully and slowly so that the Glowforge logo is under the lid camera.

If after you moved the head manually under the lid camera and it still gives you the calibration message. Stop, Shut it down and contact support.

Bad rumbling - laser arm trying to go beyond physical boundary

This ghetto support is top notch!!! :smiley:


Thanks, everyone. I did contact support first thing.

Upon closer inspection, I may have found a break in the laser tube. It’s on the right side. What do you guys think?


Thats’s a crack. The pump is cycling air which is the sound you are hearing. Shut it down and wait for support. You may want to keep the box close.




I tend to agree!

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Yep. Send those pics to support if you haven’t yet. That’s a crack. :confused:


Alright, thanks for the confirmation guys. I’ll forward them on. I don’t know what this ghetto support stuff is about, but I appreciate everyone chiming in. Quite helpful. 10/10 would report error again.


Crap! Sure looks like it from the pic! I haven’t heard of this happening yet. But I suppose it’s bound to happen occasionally when you ship glass. I REALLY hope you get an immediate replacement if it turns out it really is a crack.


I clicked lick but really dislike man ups treated you right


Oh no! I think you’re the first one that we know of with tube damage!

I’m so sorry! I’m sure that all of the glowforge @staff is working to make it right. Especially @dan and @Rita.


Dang. That’s a crack. The crack of doom! So sorry.

@karaelena suggested this process. Dan has urged users with problems to contact support first and the forum members don’t want to obstruct what Glowforge is doing because all these problems help them take care of things and know what is going on.

However, since the support turn around isn’t always immediate, this doesn’t preclude users from posting descriptions of their issues and forum members giving helpful but not authoritative advice.


:dizzy_face::worried: Noooooh


Wow that really sucks @Jerware. Fingers crossed for a quick replacement.


My heart goes out to you and your family. I am sorry for your loss. You have my condolences on the death of your laser tube.

Hopefully you will be made whole again by the grace of support@glowforge.


OH NO! I’m so sorry! We totally let you down - the tube got cracked in shipping. I know you’ve already heard from support, but for the record - box it up & we’ll get you a replacement ASAP.

My profound apologies!