Glowforge Users in Phoenix?

Just curious: any other glowsmiths in The Greater Phoenix area?

This might help:

Yup, I’m here, and would love to get together with someone that has received their unit. I won’t have mine for a couple of months yet.

That map is fine for general interest, but a lot of the users, in NJ anyway haven’t included even their GF name, so contacting them is impossible. And at least one that I know of isn’t on there. I hope there are more than the few that are on the map. I had requested the idea of a database by state, but it didn’t get much traction. This method of reaching out in the forum seems to work as a fall back.

See above re: “this might help”. Emphasis on might. :wink:

According to the map, there are about 18 people in the Greater Phoenix Area either with a Glowforge or waiting on one.

I’m not sure I am keen on publishing my exact location on a map like that …

In any case, I think a local GT of some sort is in order! Maybe we can plan something for a few weeks out to give more people time to find out about it.

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I am in Tempe.

In Apache Junction, had my GF for about 2.5 - 3 months

I’m with you there, I put my approximate location on it.