Glowforge Walking FB Post

Just saw this:



I must make that!! How lucky are you guys!


Not sure what was engraved on the bat… just that oval under the barbed wire?

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Yeah, I’m not sure. Maybe the logo??

The “barbed wire” looks like cut leather to me on this screen


Didn’t think cut leather would look so good, from a distance you wouldn’t be able to tell that it wasn’t rusted barbs.

Ah, my bad for failing to enlarge the image. Looks like you are right, and the circle says Lucille inside, which I assume is the name someone on the show gave their bat?

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(nerd-boy fan rant) it is annoying, as it shouldn’t say lucille: it is a Louisville Slugger that was given a name… kind of like how annoying it is that toy lightsabers have the “star wars” logo on them, or how many superhero “costumes” have the branded name front and center… which is NOT PART OF THE COSTUME!

sorry. I love TWD, show and comic.
And I think it is awesome that they will be 'forging.


Hey guys! I had the supreme pleasure of working on this awesome project! (Aren’t you guys surprised it’s not more jewelry :wink: ) The barbed wire is leather, and it is surprisingly sharp and pointy after painting. :smiley: Also the fangirl in me has to agree with @jbv ! Lucille does not have her name engraved on the bat, but when you have a laser engraver HOW do you resist showing it off!! Hopefully all the ‘blood’ and fan love made up for my artistic license! :smiley:

Fun fact: We even shipped it to them in a scary zombie splattered pasted tube!


Best shipping container??? Yup.


That tube is perfect!
What a nice creative touch.

The Glowforge will be a new cast member next season, right?


Lucille - A baseball bat coated in barb wire that Negan uses as his primary weapon.

Ummm… why couldn’t it be jewelry :slight_smile: Zombie apocalypse - I’d wear it around my neck !!

I have a friend that works in the special effects department for the walking dead, i should ask her for some stuff! In fact, here is a short little animated video we made together for a school project. (assignment was to take a short audio clip from a movie (we chose a clip from Dumb and Dumber) and make a totally different scene).


Fun fact!
Ages ago I had a game I made put in the ‘Honorable Mentions’ section in a game jam hosted by the walking dead crew!

Tanxis, down near the bottom!

(Edit: The Unity web player doesnt work in Chrome anymore. You’ll need to try a different browser)


now that you mention it… tiny little Lucille earrings…

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Great job! I was given the opposite project in school: we were given a clip from a film with no audio and had to create a new scene using foley. fun stuff. I still have it on a zip drive somewhere… too bad I don’t have any way to read it anymore. :unamused:


Where did you get the bat? A friend has been bugging me to turn him a mini bat. I might as well make it so that it fits in the Glowforge so I can engrave it for him later. I’d like to just copy the dimensions of that one. Thanks.

Walking Dead are customers, too - so who knows what they do with their 'forge.

I will admit to some hesitation about equipping the Walkers with lasers.