Glowforge will not cut on left side of the board

i have contacted support 3 time by email and called 2 time and have not heard back from them, i have a $6000 paper wight.

![image|281x500, 75%]

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They will need to take a look at your logs based on the results of that calibration attempt.
Response time is generally within a working day. (Frequently sooner, it just depends on the problem.)

I contacted them Wednesday, nothing yet

They might be working on arrangements for replacement, which can take longer, since they need to contact another facility. They will contact you when they have something set up to take care of it.

About all you can do is wait to hear from them. Sorry, it’s not a great situation, but they do try to get it taken care of as quickly as possible on their end. Still a waiting game that no one likes.

Posting here in P&S has opened another support ticket. Opening multiple tickets slows them down, but they’ll be along soon. Meanwhile, we’re here to sympathize! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into this snag. I see that you’ve reached out to us directly via email, and we’ve provided some additional steps to get you back up and printing. I’ll now close this thread.