Glowforge will not get off centering

Help please… my glowforge will not get off centering!! I have try everything…

Same problem here AGAIN :frowning:

I have tried everything

I’m going to have to get me another laser engraver just as backup since this seems to be happening a lot lately!

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How long have you had yours???

It’s not us! About 8 months now.

What do you mean??

It’s the glowforge platform in general when it gets stuck on something most of the time from what I’ve read and seen from others, especially on my end when our Internet is as strong as you can get and with only that running

So do I just wait?? There is nothing I can do??

You can send in a ticket like I do asking if the glow forge is down. Just so they can see people are needing to get work done and this is a problem with running off a universal program like this. Honestly I’d rather have the glowforge with the software downloaded on my computer at this point lol

This was just last night

Have you all tried this. Also, check your cable connections. The GF requires a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi channel and if there are any interruptions it may dis-connect and just because you have a strong signal the signal can be degraded by use of other devices and the signal gets weaker the further the distance of any device from the router.

  1. Turn off the GF.
  2. Wipe all lenses and the camera
  3. Clear all cookies and Internet history. Completely turn off your computer, tablet etc.
  4. Only have the crumbtray in the GF —- no material
  5. Turn back on your computer, tablet etc.
  6. Finally turn the GF back on.

I deleted my cookies and wiped my camera down and restarted and it worked!! Thank you!! I wish we had a customer support to tell us that!! I’ll be doing that everytime now just in case! THANK YOU!!!


You are very welcome, have fun and Happy Holidays…

FYI, posting in this section opens a support ticket, so you’ve already done that.

Also, for next time, if you go to the Glowforge Support website and type “stuck centering” in the search, you’ll get a whole page about the steps to take to fix it.

@ktnatasha0211, it doesn’t matter how strong your Internet connection is (mine is super crappy). It’s ALL about how stable the wifi signal is that your Glowforge is seeing in your house, and all sorts of things can affect that, regardless of your Internet connection’s strength. With your ongoing issues it would be well worth investigating that. Microwaves and other appliances can affect it; even your neighbor’s appliances can make it difficult for your Glowforge to connect to. Apple TVs, baby monitors, and other things that use the wifi can also fight the GF for its connection. Mine has been rock solid since I put in an Eero mesh; before that I set up the guest wifi as a dedicated, password-protected 2.4Hz connection that only my Glowforge used, and put a wifi extender beside it, and that worked well too.


I don’t even turn my computer on until after the GF has finished centering. It doesn’t need the computer to do the centering.

True it does not need a computer, but it does need a Wi-Fi signal to connect to…

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.