Glowforge won’t cut PG material

I received my glowforge about a week ago. I am having issues with cutting. I’ve run the gift of good measure and it does not cut it out. I’ve checked and cleaned all the lenses as instructed by glowforge and have checked that the tray is in position and materials are laying flat. It engraves just fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. I have barely used this machine and have only been able to successfully cut once.

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Can you share a screenshot of the interface and the results of trying to cut the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings. If it doesn’t cut properly share a photo (front and back) and the date and time of the print so Glowforge support staff can check your machine logs to determine the problem.

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Here is the results of the gift of good measure.

This will help support figure out the issue.


Your cuts are very wide - first guess would be that your lens is in upside down. The cup side should go up into the head.

Check that and fingers crossed it’s something easy!

Lens is in the correct position. I got ahold of glowforge and they’ve been great trying to assist me. Unfortunately they aren’t sure what the problem is so they are replacing the machine.

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Can you share the interface showing the settings for when you print the Gift of Good Measure?

replacement not cutting 2nd. it starts then stops

Hello @elsbethcorbin - since we’ve been in touch via email and moved towards replacing your printer I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

@noel.santana We prefer to keep the threads to one thread per customer - in the future please open your own topic if you’re having issues. I do see that you’ve emailed us as well so I’ll make sure your ticket gets looked into today.


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