Glowforge won't connect part 2

ok, I was helped by @wesleyjames and @megan staff member. My machine printed 2 days ago. Trying to print and again it says can’t connect. the machine button is teal, paused the 5ghz (as before), go through the steps to connect and I get confetti, but then I get a screen that says I did not connect. HELP!!

It sounds like you have a weak signal or some interference with your signal from the modem. The machine requires a strong steady signal to connect and stay connected. Have you tried using your phone as a hot spot? If that works then you know where the problem lies.

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you could try, on the wifi access point, changing the channel. You can look using a wifi analyzer app on your phone to see what channels are congested and choose a different channel to use.

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apparently, every time I want to print have to pause the 5 ghz, reboot the Glowforge and then reconnect. So I was able to print tonight. We’ll see about tomorrow. thanks for your help @beerfaced and @kanati !!

might be worthwhile to pick up a cheap access point to use just for the glowforge. 2.4ghz only and then you wont have to worry about pausing the 5ghz on your primary.


If the button was teal, it sounds to me like you pressed the button for too long and sent the machine into setup mode. If this keeps happening you might try a briefer press.

You shouldn’t need to reconnect it every time. It remembers the network and password. Try just pausing the 5 ghz before turning the gf on.

This is what I was referring to as an issue with a “smart” multi-frequency, all in one network. Theoretically, there should be a setting in the router somewhere that lets you assign devices to certain network frequencies that could help, but I found it easier to just turn the smart mode off and use the networks the old fashion separate networks way.

Hey @mtracy000, I’m glad to hear you were able to get back to printing yesterday.

Typically, once you’ve connected your Glowforge to your Wi-Fi network and started printing, you don’t need to go through the Wi-Fi setup steps again unless your network name or password changes, or you want to connect to a different network.

Your Glowforge can only work with a 2.4GHz band, so it sounds like you’ll have to remember to pause your 5GHz band each time you want to use your Glowforge, or do as @wesleyjames suggested and see if you can assign your Glowforge directly to your 2.4GHz band.

Please let us know if you run into any further trouble. We’re happy to help.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email