Glowforge won't connect to wifi

I just unboxed my Glowforge and was so excited. I’ve been fiddling for hours and am extremely frustrated. I keep getting this message when I try and connect the machine to wifi. I’ve checked all these things and even moved the Glowforge right beside the router. Any help would be super appreciated.

Try using your phone as a wifi hotspot, see if it connects to that without issue. If so, then you can focus on your existing wifi setup.

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If your router provides for a “guest” network, set that one up as 2.4GHz and give it a password only your Glowforge knows. That will eliminate competition by other devices, which can be a big issue.

Hello @notesinknots,

I’m sorry you had a rough start getting your Glowforge connected.

I took a look at the logs for your unit and it looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?

Hi Morgan!

For some reason turning my phone on airplane (but connecting through wifi) worked! Everything worked out! Thanks for reaching out

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@notesinknots I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help! Have a wonderful weekend!