Glowforge wont cut, and barely engrave

I’ve have my glowforge for a week. Got through about 5 prints before it stopped cutting through at all, and barely engraves (doesn’t make an actual cut in the mask, just very light deisgn). I’ve run through all the troubleshooting I can find in the support pages, checking the mirror, and that the lens is free of cracks or dust. Also my laser doesn’t seem to light at all even when I ran the gift of good measure on proofgrade as advised. Do I have a dud machine?! HELP!

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I am in the exact same boat. I have gotten through NO cuts and barely engraved. Cleaned every lens, checked all connections. It seems to be not even engraving… Watched tons of videos of trouble shooting and read on here. Nothing seems to be working. I have written Glowforge support with no response.

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I also haven’t gotten a response from support. I’m at a loss, and I have files I was supposed to print for this weekend!

They no longer monitor the forum. Email and phone support only.

Same boat, we are on our third machine in 8 months. This new one (not refurbished) arrived Wednesday and will not cut anymore either. It has only had 4 prints done on it and will not cut. It is VERY frustrating and support does not respond in timely fashion dragging these things out. For a $6K machine this is unacceptable and they need to get their quality issues worked out.

Since you’ve already done all the troubleshooting, you should have photos of your connections and your Gift of Good Measure - post those here and we may be able to better guide you.

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@kjerstianderic, @doobergill_12

Complaining on someone else’s thread doesn’t actually help anyone. If you want community help, create a post of your own. The likelihood that your reasons are the same are microscopic. Also, sending an email gets you an instantaneous auto-response with questions and things to try, if you didn’t get that then either your email didn’t reach them, or theirs didn’t reach you. Check your spam folder and add to your whitelist.


@deirdrebeth Please see my original thread started by me below. I believe we all understand that our problems are likely not related, however the common denominator here is that we do in fact have issues and that the inconsistencies in these machines is mind boggling.

With over 100,000 of these machines out there, I think you’ll find it’s hardly mind boggling that between people not understanding how they work, manufacturing errors, and damage in shipping it’s quite reasonable the number of machines with issues. That being said, it still sucks when it’s your machine.

You’ll note I responded on yours - fingers crossed it’s quite a simple fix.


At what point does it make sense for a company to continue to send refurbished machines out with the cost of shipping? This should be a red flag to anyone as they’ve clearly made their money up front and the machines are not worth near the amount of money you pay for them. If their quality was better this would be a non issue.

Makes perfect sense. They’ve been sending out a lot of perfectly functional refurbished machines for what seems like over a year now, and there are a massive number of new ones still working fine, many several years old. You generally only hear about the problems, and there haven’t been that many. No machine leaves the assembly facility without being tested, refurbished likely even more than new.

An issue to consider is that if your depot and/or driver is treating it like a football, then it’s very likely they’ll do it again. It is a very complex and delicate machine.


I find it hard to believe that this makes sense when multiple machines new and refurbished experience issues like this. There are plenty of cases out there where people have issues many of the same type regarding inconsistent cutting and/or not cutting at all. When the refurbished machine shows up with missing screws, broken brackets etc. it is very hard to blame this one a delivery company. That is clearly a quality control issue and has nothing to do with anyone once it leaves the factory/refurbish center.

I appreciate your response, however the fact of the matter is that they clearly have some quality issues and it shows when multiple machines have to be sent out to attempt to rectify an issue. When the original machine was working it was great, when the failures started and then the refurbished machine showed up with similar issues and then again a new machine showed up and is now not functioning you can hardly put any of this blame on anyone other than the company producing the sub par product.

Whatever response anyone can ever give you to suffice, feel free to DM me it and I am happy to post it here so that we can all move on.

I get that you have issues with glowforge but take it up with them. Email them.

Your posting here is just a space for non staff to help. So tell us how we can help. If the amount of information you provide here is the same as what you provided GF then I can understand why it is taking a long time. I have only had one time where my machine truly malfunctioned and I sent them a full on power point presentation…Resolved in no time and that was over a year ago. No one like the guessing game of troubleshooting.

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