Glowforge won't cut even after cleaning

My glowforge stopped cutting mid engrave of a cutting board the other day and I can’t seem to get it to cut anything since. I’ve checked some other threads here and cleaned all the suggested parts, but still no luck. Admittedly I probably don’t clean this as often as I should.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Here are some pics that I hope help.

Side window

Head window (I did notice when cleaning this was loose, I tightened it but no luck)


Lens (Both Sides)

Entire Head

And lastly here is a video of the Gift of Good running on some proof grade material with engrave and score off. I also showed a bit of the machine in case it helps.

It’s likely irrelevant, but this started on a day I was having internet issues and I originally assumed the Glowforge had just lost its connection. But that’s no longer the case and it still won’t cut.

And here is the failed job in case that helps as well.

If there is anything else I can add let me know!

In your video, I’m not seeing the tube light up, which seems like a bad sign. If it’s not lasering, it doesn’t matter whether your mirror is clean. I don’t think there are any user accessible parts for that – you certainly don’t want to be playing with high voltage – but if it were my machine I’d probably take a quick look around for any obviously loose or broken wires (with the power off).

Otherwise, I think you’re waiting on Glowforge Support to take a look at your logs, and then they can give better advice.

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Thanks. I had that worry as well and then I was second guessing myself as to how it normally looked.

Hopefully support can give some more concrete info and I’ll take your advice and check the connections.

I’m really dreading sending the entire unit in if need be. I’m in Canada and expect it to be expensive and a huge hassle. Here’s hoping its not necessary!

Hi @derek.mccrone

I’m so sorry for the delay in response. It looks like you also have a email ticket. I have responded back to your email ticket with next steps. I To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.