Glowforge won't cut through 1/4 inch materials

I am having problems cutting through any 1/4 inch material. I have cleaned my glowforge thourghly including the air assist fan and I can’t get it to cut through. I have been able to cut through in the past without a problem but the last week it won’t work. I’ve slowed it down and used the highest power and it still doesn’t work. I used the medium draftboard proofgrade 1/8" and it cut through that no problem. I have a buisness and I have to get this up and running. The last time I reached out to support they told me they couldn’t help me because it cut through the 1/8" proofgrade draftboard. My machine is only 5 months old. Is there any option to have it serviced? Thanks for any help I’m desperate!

Do you have a photo of your print of the gift of good measure on proofgrade material?

What sort of 1/4" materials are you trying to cut?

It should be able to cut through 1/4 acrylic or MDF (as long as it’s similar enough in composition to the thick Draftboard).

1/4" hardwood is very iffy and will vary greatly by species as well as in individual boards. 1/4" plywood will depend a lot on what types of glues are used, what the inner layers are, etc.


1/4 inch one sided cedar, sapel, walnut & cherry from craft closet and smokey hill designs

I’ve used all this material a number of times and have not had problems

The machine is optimized for 1/8"material. Thicker is certainly possibly but not as reliable/consistent. If your machine still cuts Proofgrade material using default settings, then it’s within specs. Non Proofgrade materials are never a certainty.

The tube will lose power over time, based on use. You could email support and ask about a tube replacement, but it’s unlikely they would honor the $500 deal if your machine still cuts Proofgrade material reliably.

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The reason they use that as a test for performance is because they know how it should cut since they make it (or have it made to their specs). Your unit is performing as expected.

What settings are you using? What’s the speed? Full power or 100 power? Any difference at all in thickness between the different sheets of material? Have you measured with calipers? It’s not uncommon for material to be inconsistent in thickness from batch to batch and it can make a difference.


generally it cuts between 115 - 120 speed full power. I took it down to 108 speed and full power and it didn’t cut through. I use calipers almost every time I cut the wood is between .22- .24

Do you use set focus or enter the thickness manually?

I have tried doing both

And when you use set focus does the red laser hit your material?

yes it does

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