Glowforge won't take a photo, just scans but doesn't move

I keep getting an error that says glowforge cannot take a photo. I rebooted, and reconnected to wifi and cleaned the lens. It started working again for a bit then stopped again. All of the clips are in as well. This is happening with both of my Glowforges and one is at a different location. 234296243_2743123632653234_2625806807486295059_n|375x500

I’m having the same issue today

I’ve been working with it for two days now. I’ve cleaned it, checked the clip and reconnected to wifi so many times. Nothing is working. I have two glowforges at different locations and both of them are doing this.

Omg I feel bad I knw I’m frustrated I hope my machine works when I get home because I have sooooooo many orders :weary:

Me too! I have two Etsy shops so my stress levels are so high right now.

Did they tell you it was the black lid cable?

That’s what they just told me… my head won’t move it attempts to but doesn’t idk how this happen

That’s what they told me too, although mine looks fine. Mine is working now as long as I open and shut the Glowforge several times between each print. I ordered the thing just in case and it’s $20 and they charge $25 for shipping!

Omg I’m so stressed out waiting on the part idk how this happen… my camera lens was dirty a little and after I cleaned is to it could focus it stop moving the head… it makes a noise like an attempt but doesn’t do anything

Saw a picture once of the wire traces inside a black cable. It’s not like a normal ribbon cable with individual wires but also consists of very wide flat metal traces. Guessing those thin flat traces consist of more brittle alloy than copper wires and might be prone to cracking. Not sure what the design requirements were that needed it that way. Only things I can think of is that there is a significant power requirement or to minimize inducing a signal in adjacent wires.


@shalee.d.woody I’m so sorry for the delay in response. It looks like my colleague sent you an email addressing your issue with your Glowforge.

To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.