Glowforge wood storage used Ikea IVAR system

Used the IKEA IVAR system and a kitchen island cart for my craft corner. Happy with how it’s coming along.

On attempt 1 I had the paints up high but realized I would have to roll the cart out each time I wanted to pull out a sheet of wood. So I put the wood up higher and the paints lower because I can just reach down and grab a paint without having to roll the glowforge out. Now to put cardboard inside the glowforge cart because it’s ugly but oh so useful.


Looks great! Sure makes things easier to just grab and go.


Looks so tidy and organized! Mine is an extremely small space and it started out pretty tidy, but as I collect more and more stuff, it’s tough to find space to put it all. Looks like you’re going to have a ball. Thanks for showing us.


I found the ALEX from ikea does a great job. The drawers are big enough to hold full proofgrade sheets.


i use the ivar system, too. i’ve had most of it for 25 years. added 5 new shelves a couple of weeks ago. it’s absolutely perfect for laser material storage.


I was in a tight budget. Already had these shelves but cut back some BoardGames to free them up to move to my glowforge. The kitchen island was old as well but took off the legs to add wheels for access to the pass through. I do wish the island was solid drawers like Johnathan.forst suggested. Just added an old unused cubby to hold the small things. Happy my husband didn’t spend any money but made my space way more useable.

. Now to start selling things to pay for my hobby. (I hope)


Nice material stash you have there! :star_struck:

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