Glowforge Z Axis Gauge


I just stumbled across a pad of 1-1/2" x 2" Post-it Notes and realized that would be the ideal gauge for quickly verifying if something will fit in the Glowforge (in terms of Z axis height with the tray removed). I’m going to keep this with me as I peruse thrift shops and discount bins looking for Glowforge-able materials.


That would be the Z axis but good find.


Right. I was picturing it right in my head but writing it wrong. I have updated the post. Thanks.


Lot smaller than the tape measure that usually resides in my back pocket!:grinning:


Yup. I sometimes forget to grab my tape measure but I always have a pad of paper in my pocket for taking notes. I stuck this to that pad so it will always be handy.


Not surprised that you are one of those. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Chuckle! :wink:…Finally switched to one that didn’t dent my backside…


This one has been riding shotgun with me in my pocket for quite some time. so useful!


Nice “name drop” with the GF sharpie in the background there. :grin:


I use my phone for notes but I know the size of various body parts so that makes it easy enough to measure stuff (like the 2nd knuckle to my fingertip on my right pinky is 2" but the inside fold line (is that what they’re called?) to the fingertip is 1". Funny thing is that the fold lines inside your hand/fingers do not line up with the knuckles on the other side except for the first knuckle of the pinky (at least on my hands). Just a little trivia that will now make you spend the day measuring parts and wondering about things like joint line alignment :slight_smile:


I do that with shoes…pick them up, put one on my forearm, and buy them.

(Your foot is exactly the length of your forearm from wrist to the elbow. Julia Roberts…“Pretty Woman”.)


How many of you are now measuring it to see? ROFL! :wink:


Gees…I thought NO WAY…my foot’s not THAT long! Ulp…but it is, and as you said, exactly. Fascinating! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(me) :smirk:


Was the first thing i did.




Measure your body parts (which sounds totally weird, I know) and you’ll find something on you that can be used to measure for when you don’t have the notepad or measuring tape on you. I have pretty small hands, probably, but the tip of my middle finger to the bottom line/crease of my middle knuckle (second knuckle? The one that bends your finger in half) is almost exactly 2 inches. My hand-span, stretching as far as possible, is 8 inches. I don’t know who impressed upon me the importance of this, but it’s been weirdly useful in life.


As an astronomer, this is really useful for measuring angular distances against the sky. In this particular case, useless for down-to-earth measurements, but couldn’t resist the urge to share this astronomical tidbit:


A favorite science of mine.
Always had a passing interest, but on a live aboard dive vacation I found a planisphere in the wheelhouse and borrowed the captain’s binoculars. Having never seen an external galaxy i decided to track down Andromeda. Lying on my back on the sundeck, I found the smudge with my eyes and focused the binoculars.
I could actually see the dust lanes! I don’t think I ever had a more intense case of goosebumps!
I so wish Sagan had lived to see the HDF photos, his poetic description would have been wonderful.


I wondered about printing out one of those (planisphere) on the Glowforge. :comet: