I am a newbie with the Glowforge. But, I have a question when I connect to wifi on my laptop the Glowforge only connects on my phone and will not come up on the laptop. Does this make sense to anyone at all? Thanks, sharon

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What you are describing doesn’t make sense to me. Have you completed the set up of your Glowforge? Have you been able to print anything.? What browser have you tried on your laptop?


Agreed, I can’t understand what you are describing.

Once initial setup is complete, you never connect to the Glowforge itself, you go to on any device, and that will give you access to the dashboard.


Thanks for getting back to me… I found out what I was doing wrong. I
was able to print :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Glad you got things working! Welcome to the forum!


WELL, it worked for one print and then stopped. It think it may have something to do with my laptop. So, I am going to get it checked out. It keeps saying the device is not working properly because Windows can’t load the drivers required for the device. (MICROSOFT VIRTUAL WIFI MINIPORT ADAPTER). Sharon

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