Glowforgers Nearby (south Florida)?

I’m in a real bind here. My glowforge ribbon cable lost adhesion during a print and crumpled itself. I was sitting right next to the machine and caught it as soon as it happened but it started smoking immediately (the cable). I stopped the print, let the fan have a few seconds, then powered it down.

The print I was in the middle of is pro-bono for a local theater camp my kid attends. I designed and was cutting silverware head props for a dancing number in Beauty and the Beast Jr. The show is this Friday!

Does anyone know of a library or maker space or open-use (pay per hour or something) glowforge directory? All I can find are a few laser cutting companies that I’m sure will charge an arm and leg.

There are maybe 9-10 “sheets” left to print, and each take 5-6 minutes, on Home Depot HardBoard. I was so close!

I designed them to be modular so the lengths could be shorter for little kids, or the top could be changed for a different show. I’ll be posting it on the made on gf section when I have time.

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is this the white ribbon cable? that goes to your print head?
how did it crumble?


He actually used the word ‘crumpled’…so it sounds like the cable adhesive came loose and that cable just folded up on itself. I’ve never heard of anything like that happening to anyone.

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There’s a (dubiously updated) user’s map on Google you can get to here:

According to that there are a few folks near you, depending on how exactly you define southern FL…


You can search for their usernames here on the forum - or in some cases they are listing business names. Also, if you have a Joann Fabrics near you, some of them have :glowforge: s


where did you find this? I would love to know glowforge people near me!


Uh…linked in the post?


DUH, I need to read sometimes. . .



Almost positive there are more users in LV, but as I said - dubiously - updated! I bring it up every once in a while in the hopes more folks will add/edit themselves.

IF I CAN FIGURE how to … :frowning:
and I’m a computer guy!!!

One sec


I figured it out :stuck_out_tongue: - added myself!

Yes, it looks like the adhesion came off part of the cable and it just folded over itself as it was moving.

are you working in a very humid environment?
how old is your unit?

your the first person, I have ever heard with that issue.


No, it’s indoors in my office and the window is only open to vent. Today was 70, very dry day, and it was only fitting for about 45 minutes.

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