Glowgon is in the house!

UPS arrived today! 10:15am, but only had the GF. Some minor crinkling of the box, but all handles were there and no internal damage. The guy said he would find the other box by the end of the day. I told him that I’ve been waiting two years and that other box is required for me to use the laser. I think telling him what was inside increased his understanding of the excitement I was holding back. He returned 20 minutes later with the crumb tray.

Since we’ve all seen the rulers, I didn’t start with that. My first cut was earrings from the catalog. They turned out great, right before I broke one. Getting the paper off was next to impossible on the back side. And, they were probably more brittle because I used actual cherry rather than plywood.

Second project was a coaster that I designed, well traced from an Adobe Capture image of a floor grate at Longwood (botanical) Gardens.

And, the momentous finale for the day. A hand drawn lace trivet, 8" dia. I played around with the intensity of the engraves. I got a warning about too many steps / layers, but it allowed me to change what happened for each. It took 90 minutes to cut, and about 30 to get all the paper off. It was worth it though and the recipients tonight will love it. My first GF gift.

And, the scraps made a nice design too.


Well you certainly hit the ground running! (Love that trivet!) :grinning:


Those are beautiful designs and quite a nice stylish crumb tray you have there now LOL


Very ambitious for the first day. UPS delivered the crumb tray box but could not find the GF box. I explained to him the wait and would not let him leave until he found it. it took him ten minutes more and I was happy when he left.


I’ll repeat what I learned later than I wished I knew sooner: Get Gorilla Tape and pull off the little pieces of masking easily and quickly! It makes “weeding” off the bits easier! Great Job by the way!


Welcome to you and Glowgon! Hopefully that’s just the first Glowforge gift of many. Great job!

Your trivet is fabulous! Lovely gift!

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Gorgeous work!

awesome! Glad you’ve had a fun day.

Oh wow! Puts my puny first day to shame. They are all fantastic projects!

I love the trivet design, beautiful!

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Was thinking of this looking at your trivit rather than burning the pie, if you laid the trivet over and dusted cinnamon before cooking the pie it would have a similar effect.

Or you could just cut a stencil from a more appropriate material :slight_smile:



Just bought a role of gorilla tape. OMG! Glad I knew about this by day 3. Thanks

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