So I finished up the home for my forge/ gameroom/ Nerd Castle AKA Room 110. I thought I’d post the final pictures. Please forgive the mess I haven’t had time to move in yet and there is still a mess since I got done with it less than an hour ago.

Front Door:

I have the cabinets from my classroom, Stereo from the old theater, and a sweet Betamax I am trying to fix up.

Back Door:

The shelves I am going to create storage for my magic cards.

And Counter for Glowforge:

These are some of the drawers I am most excited about. They are each about 3 feet wide and 4 inches deep. They will be perfect for storing any materials I get for my forge.

Overall I am pretty excited for Room 110!


And rightly so!


What an outstanding space! Thank you for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


Impressive shopspace. Nice long workbench area.


Love this!..and love that you have a Room 110.


Those drawers are super boss!

Any leads on similar?


I am excited for you!


Awesome drawers! :smile:


Not only a great story with the door, cabinets, and floor but it looks great and should be very functional.


@Drewperman I absolutely love the storage setup that you have!
It looks like an Awesome workspace.


The school I got these from is now torn down. The district had an auction last fall before the workers moved in and I bought them all then.


I read that as Room 101 a la ‘1984’


I remember pictures of the space before. This looks great!