Glowing Lotus Flower



First time posting here, and my first major Glowforge project. Base is 3d printed, pedals are light guide acrylic with ws2812b LEDs. Will be making 8 of them to put on some glowing lilly pads for an art installation.

Here’s a video:

Inventables Lucite







Love this!!


Love it. Nicely done.


I love it! Would like to see it in a really dark room. Really creative and innovative.


Super Coolio!!!:heart_eyes:


Ohhhhh, the lights are mesmerizing! Very nice project. I hope you will post more of your projects, and welcome!


Wow … Love all the color! Magical!


Magical. Thanks for the sneak peek - I’d love to see the full installation!


Wow! Awesome work on the engraving and the light patterns.


Thanks everyone! And @dan, thanks so much for making it all possible! The Glowforge is an awesome toy (in the badass tool sort of way).

Now, if I could just make my own proofgrade material preset stickers… since you don’t sell Light Guide Panel in the shop :wink:


Well done. I’m thinking how great this design would look on a night time pool with battery powered pucks.


I love your design! So cheerful and happy!


how did you bend the acrylic poles like that in the center? looks so cool. I want to make something like this to put on the ceiling of my kid’s play room!


The Acrylic panels have tabs on the bottom, held together by a 3d printed base:

There’s an insert that goes inside the base to hold all the LED strips in place.

The pedals look like this:


Sorry it took so long, but here’s a few shots from the final install!

This is viewed from the bank, with three flowers for close viewing, and some in the water in the distance.

Here’s a video of the bank view of the install:

Here’s a video of a single lotus in the water:

And a photos of two of them in the water

Thanks again @dan and everyone else at Glowforge for the awesome machine, we couldn’t have done it without you!