Glowriosky on the truck

I was really bummed earlier when I went to track my GF and the UPS site said that the map was no longer available, But now it’s up and running. The truck is at a Kroger store about 2 miles from my house but I know from when my PG material was delivered 2 weeks ago that it will probably be a couple more hours before he heads in my direction.
Just refreshed and he’s moving away from me now.


He is now at the Publix shopping center which is a little closer but I still think it’s going to be awhile.


Glowstalking. A new national passtime. :smile:


Nice. I live about 2 miles from the terminal, but I’ve given up on making any sense of when they get to me (and I worked as a delivery driver for almost 10 years). At least it is usually in the morning.

Two weeks ago he stopped at the Post Office first. Today he’s been to several closer locations and now is at the post office.


There is this little thing in play, called union rules. Loaders load, drivers deliver. Last set of union rules I heard, they are actually required to deliver in the load order. That means that if the loader messes up the load order, the driver still has to deliver in that messed up order. (I’d find the loader for your area, then bribe them to always put you in the top 10 deliveries.)

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I am anxious to see how far beyond pens you venture in your exploration. :sunglasses:

Two weeks ago when he delivered my PG he went to the UPS Store (where I usually get my mail and packages) about 4-5 miles away before he came back into my neighborhood.

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He’s getting closer!


lol i never waited online for someone package to arrive.


Well this loader must have scrambled brains because the driver has been all over the map today. At least three times back into the same neighborhoods.

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I know you are joking, but delivery stalkers are out there.


If a thief can sprint off with a Forge under his arm, UPS needs to hire him as a delivery person!


They didn’t so much sprint away, more like they sprinter-van’ed away.
(article said white dodge van… so it could very well have been a Sprinter)


That is why you fail FedEx security audit if anyone can get into your van, or if it is running and unlocked, even if there is nobody within 100 yards.

Nine hours on the UPS truck and only missing one handle! Mentioned to the driver that I had followed her in and out of several tracts 3 or 4 times and she said, "Not me!"
The box looks in pretty good condition but I’ll have to wait till morning to check inside.


Yeah well the day my Pro (DeathBlossom) arrived the UPS site said it was supposed to be delivered between 1115 and 1315 (115) but didn’t get here til almost 1700 (5) and the delivery person was driving a golf cart w/ a trailer behind it. So there is no telling what these companies are thinking.

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Default answer. ALWAYS default answer.

Note: Any time a question is asked, “What is/were/are he/she/they/you/etc thinking?”, the default answer is always, “They/he/you/etc weren’t.”

Mine was supposed to arrive on a Saturday morning, it didn’t arrive until LATE Monday night. It was a very frustrating wait…

I’M Pretty sure this is what is happening to the handles? Someone is trying to build a plastic box handle empire…