Glowryski to the rescue

My wife does her best to see that we eat right and one of her things is bread. We don’t eat regular bread. We only eat Ezekiel bread and English muffins. The Ezekiel English muffins are thinner than bagels so when she tried to cut them with the bagel slicer, they never cut evenly. She asked me for a solution and I thought, “Glowryoski to the rescue.”
I drew up a sketch of what I thought would work and placed on the GF bed. I tried using cardboard first ( my first attempt at cardboard). I thought I would never get it to work. It seems pencil lines are not dark enough. I traced over the pencil lines with a Magic Marker and finally got it to work. I then put the Medium PG acrylic on the bed and proceeded to cut out two of the BCDs (Bagel Centering Devices).
Viola, problem solved. Place an English muffin in the cutter and a BCD on each side and neatly sliced muffins.
If I had it to do over, which I probably will, I would draw it out in Inkscape (which I am still trying to learn) for a smoother cut.






Nice solution! :sunglasses:


Great solution!

Look at that! Ingenuity wins! :grinning:

Does anyone know if PG acrylic is dishwasher safe?

The only issue with acrylic is it could release fumes with heat - dishwashers can get hot. Personally I would just hand wipe/wash it. (I’ve had plastic spatulas fall againts an element in my dishwasher and melt) :no_mouth:

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They make slump bowls from acrylic at relatively low heat, so it could warp a little. It’s only touching bread - just rinse it in the sink.

Mystery solved for me.
I saw one of these in the parking lot and thought it was a particle-board pellet for a wood burning stove or something.
No idea it was food.:neutral_face: