Glue acrylic faces so it is clear?

I am trying to glue a colored piece of acrylic flat against a clear piece. I am using Weldon3 but I am getting terrible smearing. Is there a way to do this so it dries completely clear? Thanks!

I found this video and thought the one requiring UV light to cure looks great. I don’t have a UV light, but it MAY be worth looking into if you plan on doing a lot of Acrylic-to-acrylic stuff.
I know nothing about UV lights, but I may investigate this technique and glue he used in the video to see if it’s worth purchasing and trying it out myself.


Thanks for the video! I have a couple different UV lights for doing my nails. I have one that looks like the white one used in the video - the bottom slides out so you could possibly do something a bit taller. I have not tried this glue with my UV light, but I have done resin casting of small pieces of jewelry. The UV lights for nails sometimes go on sale quite cheaply. I don’t know if they are calibrated or use the measuring system mentioned in the video. When you are resin casting jewelry, you can also put your pieces on a sunny windowsill, but it takes longer.


Different UV resins may require different wavelengths of UV light. You should be able to find the optimal wavelength in the product documentation. You can buy UV flashlights with a range of lengths in the spectrum to cover more brand/types of resin.


Great question, I learned aa lot from the answers you received. Good luck with your project. Hopefully you will let us know if it worked

Thank you for this information! I actually went with a different solution. I created deeply engraved ledges for the letters to sit in. This way I could put a drop of glue along the ledge and sit the letter snug into the recess. It came out nice.


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