Glue to use

what adhesive should i get to glue 2 pieces of acrylic together

depends on how you want to glue them. I use both E6000 and Weld-On 4. Weld-on 4 is a chemical that softens the acrylic and then they fuse together. But it’s expensive and tricky to work with. E6000 is easy to use, but it takes 24 hours to set…but much more forgiving. Some people use super glue, but I don’t like it because if you mess up, it shows on the acrylic.


There are several possible but it can be tricky depending on what is glued to what.

This works well as it makes a solvent bond but it is extremely thin and volitile and runs easily messing up any blank face part it runs over.

E-6000 is like the old model cement thicker but also a bit runny.

CA glue also works.

Nothing works without any issues. They will all show on the acrylic if you mess up.

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E6000 for simple decorative items. @rbtdanforth described the consistency as old school model cement, I would agree. It is easy to work with but you need to take care to avoid thin strings of it falling on your items.

Use Weld-on 4 or similar water-thin solvent if the pieces need to be fused together as one. It is hard to apply well. I have had the best luck with insulin syringes.


That’s the best means of controlling solvent application I have found, it still takes a touch.

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Another option. 200 for a few bucks. Used them for 20 years to apply CA in delicate/detailed situations.



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