Glues used on Proofgrade Wood

I have to make a bunch of boxes, and I was wondering what y’all in the community use for gluing all the sides together.

In the past I used either Gorilla glue or Titebond III. What are your thoughts?


For wood glue to be effective you would need to sand the mating surfaces a bit. CA glue seems to work well for me.


Proofgrade comes finished so you are bonding poly to poly. I second PrintToLaser and have found CA to work alright for this.


I agree with the replies above. I started out using only wood glue and now primarily use CA glue. It’s just so much quicker although there are occasions when you still want a little wiggle time to get things exact before the glue dries so then it’s wood glue.


I use Hobbybond CA Glue thick 1500cps & super thin 5cps. I believe there is also just thin. I like the thick when I need to more time to align my projects together. The thick takes a bit more time to set. The super thin I use when I want fast setting.


Where can I pick up Hobbybond glue?

I purchase it on ebay

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