Go Brewers (Thank you SnapMarks)


A friend is having a party tomorrow (while the Brewers playoff game is on). He asked for some “stickers, or table tents” like I’ve made before on my Silhouette to identify the Brats, Hot Dogs and Italian Sausages he’s cooking up. No simple cardstock print outs for my Milwaukee Brewers! I have a laser. . . . . and fully armed and operational SnapMarks.

I brought the graphic into Silhouette Studio, did a quick trace and adjusted for the tabs to put into the base. Added SnapMarks and printed on polyester labels. Then applied the label to some acrylic cutoffs and Snap, the job is done. Here they are, ready to present the food tomorrow. Poor graphic quality on the images from the web, but I think everyone will love them.

Go Brewers!


These are fantastic!

Hmmm… I should start planning now for our annual Swim & Sled party. No Snapmarks, yet, so I will have to be extra creative.


Wow!! Those are most excellent!!!


Oh, those are cute! :grinning:


Ohmygosh, these are adorable! With the combination of the Silhouette, a good printer, and the Glowforge, you can do anything!


Watching the Brew Crew right now. I’m not sure everyone knows about the famous racing sausages, but we’re crazy here in Wisconsin.

Go Brewers!


I’m glad I was caught up on the game when I read this. I let it get ahead a bit on the DVR some times so I can skip commercials.


Sorry, didn’t think about it. I edited my post and removed the score, even though it’s too late if anyone else saw it.


Not a problem. I have to keep up on these playoff games. 2 other texts came in from friends about the same time as I saw your post. I also didn’t think about others not knowing about the racing sausages at Miller park.
Here’s a link to a story about them for the interested un-initiated.


Totally new to me…would be fun to watch them race. :smile:


I was 11 years old when the Brewers were in the World Series back in 1982, so it’s nice to see the smallest market team back in the hunt and doing well. Lots have changed since county stadium, Batman and robin, and Harvey’s Wallbangers. Now you have Miller Park with closed roof, #frontrowamy, and famous racing sausages.


Even more fun when they involve the “Little Wienies”. Kids running the race.


That is squeeeee! :smile:


This thread reminds me of when my whole family would go up to Milwaukee for Irish Fest every year. Whenever the Brewers happened to be playing the White Sox, we’d usually end up at the game. At one particular game, my cousin’s husband had a few too many beers, and started heckling the Brewers’ right fielder. I can’t remember who it was, but he kept turning around instead of just ignoring it. It was pretty funny at the time.


Oh my goodness!!! So cute!!!


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